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What is WhichNDT?

There are plenty of NDT Service Providers, Training schools and Equipment Providers out there, but finding the right one for your business can prove challenging. At WhichNDT, we take the hassle out of finding the right one with our unique matchmaking system. Once you complete the relevant search criteria our unique matching algorithm creates a list of perfect matches allowing you to connect to the global NDT community with ease.

We feel the NDT Industry is so important and needs to be supported so we aim to help our NDT providers, Training Schools and Equipment providers by promoting their services helping them secure business in a world of increasing competition. The wonder of word of mouth is important but we aim to be the only name in gaining business, securing jobs and supporting clients. The NDT industry need to focus on providing an outstanding service for their clients, without having to worry about where the next job or order will come from – WhichNDT will do that for you!

Which NDT

What was the idea behind WhichNDT?

With 20 years combined experience in the NDT industry focusing on training, procurement and recruitment we thought it was time to do something about aging and laborious process of finding the right Level 2 contractors, Level 3 consultants, UT Flaw Detectors or training courses - so we did!

We set to work on creating an online platform to revolutionise how business is done in the NDT industry. After a few dead ends, off the wall ideas and late night discussions, WhichNDT was created.

We are passionate about the development, growth and promotion of the NDT industry and hope that both organisations looking for NDT requirements and NDT providers are supported by this unique digital platform.

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